What is Venice Lagoon Raid “Picinin”?

It is a boat trip in 4 days (2+2) around Venice, it is a simple and comfortable way to dive into a timeless and beautiful environment, it is a way to have fun without sacrificing any workdays, it is a way of participating to a four-day event while still having five days in the middle to stay at Circolo Velico Casanova and enjoy Venice and the lagoon with Your own time.
It’s an opportunity not to be missed to stop an gaze while going! …going sailing!!
Five days at the end of spring, when the wind accompanies you wherever you go and the water under the hull is fresh, five days along a magic route that develops through the isles, the canals, the nets placed by fishermen for centuries under the silent flight of the seagulls... tenderly touching Venice as you can do only by boat. It’s a bubble of saltish water in which, for some days, tradition and innovation float together, the ancient colors of the wood and the bright ones of the more modern materials... latin, “al terzo”, bermudian sails... expert sailors and Lagoon new-timers, enthusiastic and passionate men and women.
It’s a competition in which, aside from the final result, the first prize is for everyone because those who participate win an adventure which they won’t forget very easily.
As is in the classic formula, velaraid Picinin will also see traditional and modern boats together. Tricky tides, invisible sand spots, whimsical winds and unforeseeable weather make the raid an authentic lagoon safari, a nautical adventure which is unique in its genre. You will want to come back, that’s for granted!

How is the Velaraid Picinin carried out?

Given the ever increasing number of adhesions that Velaraid classic is receiving, we thought that a five-day event should have become biannual. Meanwhile we have also decided - as a committee - to alternate it to an easier formula. Thus, Velaraid “Picinin” was born, a formula which allows everybody to participate without losing school, work or holiday days.
It is an extremely flexible formula which “introduces” You to the lagoon in a simple and gradual way.
The first weekend is useful to become acquainted with the shallow waters, the tides, the shoals, the unusual environment: during the second weekend, since You know the surroundings, everything becomes easier.
If you have some spare time, though, why get back home? Your boat is in Venice, why shouldn’t You stay here as well?
You will be able to make base at Casanova and explore the nearby islands, getting back to Casanova in the evening or camping outside with Your own times and Your own necessities.
You will be amazed how fast time flies when you are immersed in such a beautiful environment... Friday will come very early and it will be time to come back to Casanova to meet back the raiders encountered a few days earlier and also make acquaintance with the new arrivals…

Let’s get to the program though:

The participants are awaited Friday afternoon to rig the boat, finalise the registration, collect the gadgets and enjoy a fresh beer on the lawn at Circolo Velico Casanova.
Once these formalities are carried out Your Velaraid Picinin starts. Its development is here described:

Week end 1:

Dinner with guest reception on Friday, start of the fleet Saturday morning towards the established destinations: Chioggia (for fleet 1) and agriturismo Barena to the north (for fleet 2). The start will be the same for everyone and both fleets will sail to the isle of S. Erasmo where they will split to go north and south to reach their moorings.
In the evening there will be the usual dinner in front of stunning landscapes: the articulated north lagoon, full of isles and barene, and the immense south lagoon, with only nets and fishermen shelters.
On Sunday morning we set course for S. Giuliano and the two fleets converge at Murano for the return sail.

Week end 2:

The same as Week end 1 but the destinations are inverted: those who went to the north the week before will now go to the south and those who went to the south will go to the north respectively.

We expect a massive participation (70 boats).
The lunches will all be sailing lunch. The organisation will give a basket with rolls, fruit and drinks to those who requested it. We will have dinner at the typical restaurants in the area.
The mooring in Chioggia (south) will be inside a marina equipped with every service (darsena S. Felice), while to the north the mooring will be on a barena (small island) in one of the most beautiful landscape the lagoon has to offer. In this case, though, there won’t be any service you would find in a marina. Agriturismo La Barena will provide some service for freshening up.

Maximum number of participants

The limits connected to the mooring places available, the capacity of the bragozzo to prepare hot meals and the number of beds available in the proximities forces us to set a maximum number of 70 to 80 boats.
We can grant the offered services for this number of boats.

However, once this limit has been reached, the organization committee can consider the possibility of accepting a greater number of boats as long as they are completely independent as far as lunch, dinner overnight stays and moorings are concerned. This means that if you possess a small cabin cruiser in which you can sleep and cook meals it is likely that you will be able to join the great caravan of Velaraid. Still, this is at the organization’s discretion.

What do You need to participate?

  • Four/five/ten days without commitments;
  • a boat with centreboard draft with a maximum of 40-50 cm drift up, and reefable sails and a propulsion system alternative to the sail (outboard engine or oars)
  • the normal safety equipment (anchor, life jackets, VHF, compass, lights, whistle, first aid kit)
  • a minimum reserve of drinking water and waste bags (we do not want to leave any trace of our passage)
  • clothing and accessories to meet all weather conditions
  • a little 'spirit of adaptation and healthy competitiveness
Reduced Raid, boarding and rental
We remind you that i twill be possible to participate also for just one week end!
What’s more it will be possible, for those who don’t own a boat or that own one that is not suitable to lagoon navigation, to verify the availability of a boarding or the rental of a boat by contacting the organization adequately on time.

Arrival and reception:

Circolo Velico Casanova is one of the nautical clubs present at Punta san Giuliano. See the map.
It is not a marina, there are no slipways but there are three cranes with which you can put Your boat on the water free of charge. Once You park and rig your boat, You can concede yourself a well-deserved refreshment at the bar managed by “Papi” or a first taste of the Venice Lagoon.

CVC has showers and baths. In addition, there’s a beautiful lawn where You can relax by drinking a fresh beer.
The reception takes place the evening before the start of the event. All the crews gather on the lawn of Circolo Velico Casanova for a welcome party by candle light... well-known and new faces... old and young raiders.
A moment of gathering useful to begin to comprehend the first secrets of the Lagoon, to meet one another and familiarise with the faces and the names of those who, for the next 5 days, will be Your adventure and navigational mates.